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Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses are immensely popular and expensive, which is why they are so highly counterfeited. The designer (sunglasses) market (namely online), is saturated with phony Louis Vuitton sunglasses. However, it is still possible to obtain authentic LV glasses online. This guide will walk you through some of the specs (a white and black pair) concerning authentic sunglasses. These tips should help you filter out many of the fake Evidence glasses on the market.


Gold Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern: The strip at the top of the sunglasses should be etched with the the Louis Vuitton monogram symbol pattern, starting with the LV and ending with the LV, (their standard symmetric line). For more info on the specs of the monogram patterns, which generally are maintained across all models, styles and items go here. The monogram pattern in the case of the Evidence sunglasses should start and end with the LV symbol. And this symbol should not be cut off in any way. It should also remain fairly centered within the frame. The pattern should not veer off close to either the top or the bottom edge. A monogram pattern flowing from one end to the other in a crooked fashion should be considered a warning sign. Also look out for the quality of the symbol impressions. They should be fairly well defined and even across the frame. They should look as if they were a rush job and made carelessly.

Below is a white pair of Louis Vuitton Evidence: Notice that the monogram pattern is nearly the same across all of the pattern specs.

White ladies Evidence

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Below is the black authentic Evidence lens. Visible on this lens is the LV symbol etched into the material. This should be a high quality stamp.

Black mens Evidence


Below is the Evidence sunglasses inner temple arm information.
Temple A: This arm states: Hand made in france[space][flathead screw] LOUIS VUITTON. Notice the word 'Hand' starts within the curved area of the temple arm, and the spacing of the LOUIS VUITTON is even between the two flathead screws. Flathead screws are what you should typically find on the EVIDENCE glasses, as well as most other LV items. The flat head screw is common across many other luxury items.
Temple: B This arm has a little more detail. First we will take a look at the information between the two flathead screws on this arm. Between the screws we have: Z0105W CE 65 8. This alpha-numeric sequence references the model number, the season the CE stands for - Conformité Européenne (Conforming European) Safety Products. This indicates the sunglasses meet European safety standards. And finally we have the dimensions (65 8). These markings should also be high quality and be in this specific font. For the information to the left of the flat head screws, refer to the image marked Temple C.
Temple C: This shows the five character alpha-numeric sequence that should be etched into the arm [AQ049]. This is an important specification of the sunglasses and one that many counterfeiters will have incorrect, or not at all.

Black men

Evidence model number

Below is the white pair of sunglasses with Temple C. arm information:

White Evidence


The image to the right of Temple C is simply to show what the outer temple arms have on display. This gold logo piece should conform to all the general authentic Louis Vuitton specifications. The stamp within the gold piece should also be centered within, having a relatively consistent padding between the stamp and all four edges.

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