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Louis Vuitton_Date.Codes IV.

Below are tables you can decode the date/country code sequences found on Louis Vuitton items. Also, you can try our country code application.

French Company no date code (tyvek-like tag only)
Saks Fifth Avenue no date code (stamp only)
Fabric Design no date code (stamp only)

Y = Year
M = Month
W = Week
CC = Country Code

3 digits: YYMExample: 821January 1982
4 digits: YYMMExample: 8312December 1983
2 letters, 3 digits: CC YYMExample: TH 863France March 1986
3 digits, 2 letters: YYM CCExample: 865 THMay 1986 France
2 letters, 4 digits: CC YYMMExample: TH 8812France December 1988
4 digits, 2 lettersExample: 8910 THOctober 1989 France

2 letters, 4 digits: CC MYMYExample: TH 1920France December 1990
2007 →
2 letters, 4 digits: CC WYWYExample: TH 3077France 37th week of 2007

France A0, A1, A2, AA, AN, AR, AS, AX, AN, BA, BJ, BU, CT, DU, ET, FL, LW, MB, MI, NO, RA, RI, [*SD (also USA)], SL, SN, SP, SR, TH, VI, V.I.
USA FC, FH, OS, [*SD (also France)], LA
Spain CA, CR, LB, LM, LO, LW
Italy BO, CE, FO, RE, MA, RC, RO, SA, TD
Switzerland DI, FA
Germany LP
*SDFrance bags prior to 1995 [until opening of San Dimas when SD became USA]
BAMostly (France) but there have been some LE pieces made in Spain.
CAMostly Spain but there have been some Vernis made in France in 1999.
FC USA bags made in 1980'.
LCUSA bags which are largely discontinued (have appeared on Boulogne 30, Montsouris Moyen, Papillon 26. Speedy 30, Pochette Orsay.

Louis Vuitton - trending
Monogram Denim Patchwork
Monogram Graffiti
Monogram Groom
Monogram Leather
Monogram Mini Lin
Monogram Miroir - Mirror
Monogram Multicolor
Monogram Multicolore
Monogram Roses
Monogram Rubis
Monogram Shearling
Monogram Suede
Monogram Vernis
Monogram Watercolor
Patent leather
Monogram Patent Leather
Suhali leather
Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather
Steven Sprouse
Steven Sprouse Collection
Travel bags
Louis Vuitton Travel Bags
Mens bags
Louis Vuitton Mens Bags

A2 (France): Mono Canvas, Epi
AA (France) Mono Canvas, Vernis, Damier Ebene
AR (France)Mono Canvas, CB, Damier Canvas, Epi, LV Cup
AS (France) Suhali, Epi, Vernis, Mini Lin
AX (France) Mono Canvas
BA (France)Mat Mono, Vernis, CB
BJ (France)Mat Mono, Epi, Vernis
BU (France) Mono Canvas
CA (Spain) Mono Canvas, CB, Epi, Mini Mono, Vernis, MC, Damier Canvas, Mat Mono, Damier Azur, Suhali, Glace, Groom
CB (-) Mono Ambre
CE (Italy)Vernis, Damier Sauvage
CR (Spain)Damier Canvas
CT (France) Mono Canvas, Cerises, Mono Groom, Damier Canvas
DU (France)Mono Canvas, Mono Mirage, Damier Canvas
ET (France) Mono Canvas
FC (USA) Mono Canvas
FA (Switzerland)Monte Carlo Loafer
FH (USA)Mono Canvas
FL (France) Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Mono Denim, Epi
FO (Italy)Damier Lune, Paris
JA (France)Patent sandal from 2009 RTW
KU (-)Taiga desk set
LA (USA)Monogram
LM (Spain):Mat Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Suhali
LW (Spain) Vernis
MA (Italy)Balmoral Heels
MI (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Mat Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Damier Azur, Mono Dentelle, MC, Damier Centenaire, Mono Perfo, Cerises
MB (France) Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas, Mono Charms, Mono Motard
RA (France)Mono Canvas, Damier Canvas
RC (Italy)Mono Denim, Nimbus
RI (France)Vernis, Tobago
SD (USA & France) Mono Canvas, MC, Damier Canvas, Damier Azur
SL (France)Mono Canvas, MC
SN (France) MC Wish Bracelet, Mini Mono Wish Bracelet, Vernis Wish Bracelet
SP (France) Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Cerises, Damier Azur, Mono Perfo, Mirage, Mini Lin
SR (France)Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, MC, Mono Satin, Epi, Vernis
TH (France) CB, MC, Vernis, Mat Mono, Suhali, Damier Canvas, Mono Canvas, Damier Azur, Mono Mini, Epi, Mono Leopard
VI (France)Mono Canvas, Mini Mono, Vernis, Damier Canvas, Epi, Mono Denim, MC, Damier Azur
VX (-): Mono garment bag born in April 1988
AAS 11339 (France)SO Epi item
DU (France)SO Damier Looping
AAS… (France) Mono wallet
DK 1047(France)
DK 4077(France)
DK 2907(France)
DK 1068 -

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The date code and country code are important tools for detecting phony Louis Vuitton. Often times the counterfeiters will have these details wrong, but if the buyer is unaware of the correct sequences, then it is makes little difference. Generally, the top quality fakes will have the sequences correct. But you will be surprised at how many do not. And a simple check of the date code can identify the counterfeit.

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