The goal of Authentication files is to give the e-commerce consumer the most relevant information concerning counterfeit luxury (or non-luxury) items hosted on common e-commerce websites, (e.g., auction sites such as eBay, and retail sites such as Amazon). Our goal is to reduce the ability in which counterfeiters are able to scam consumers by giving the consumers the necessary tools to balance this relationship. We believe eBay is a fantastic marketplace, and we hope to make it that much better with the information we provide. We will also be hosting links to relevant products from our guides as part of the eBay partner network program. However, once a user is shopping on eBay, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of an item. The purpose of our site is to help the seller shopping at her own risk to limit that risk to the smallest possible value.

We will be adding more content (more guides) as time goes on.

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